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When I started to wear pocket squares with my suits, I noticed that most “handkerchiefs” being sold were not well designed for suit pockets and that suits varied in size of the upper left breast pocket.  Store handkerchiefs typically range from 10” X 10” up to 17” x 17”.  Breast pockets vary from designers from a pocket width of 3.25” to 4” and a depth of 5” to 6” long.

I designed a pocket square pattern using a baseline average and this new pocket square is configured to be folded within three easy steps.  These folds can also be adjusted going from one suit jacket to the next.  The end result is that nice, professional look without all the extra and unnecessary fabric that gives an unsightly puckered bulge. 


Another feature of our pocket squares is the quality of the fabric of which they’re constructed.  The typical pocket squares being sold are of low thread count, which you can practically see through.  The “JB” pocket squares are high-end, designer fabric that is acquired directly from a NYC fashion district wholesaler from top designers such as Ralph Loren, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole, DKNY, etc. Sharing this detail to convey that the pocket squares you receive are of high quality fabric.  

Although these handkerchiefs are primarily designed to be used as a folded pocket square, you may use as your personal taste and preference demands.  Stay sharp!

“All it takes are a few simple outfits. And there’s one secret –
the simpler the better.”
— Cary Grant

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