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Behind the Seams

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Just wanted to give folks an update on all things Bespoke JB.

Recently attended A Very Bond Farewell at the International Spy Museum, a special event and a fond-farewell to the closing of their exhibit, Exquisitely Evil, a dedicated full floor gallery of James Bond’s adversaries, henchmen, lairs, and weapons. Bond #2, George Lazenby from "Her Majesty's Secret Service" was there to help celebrate one of the museum's most successful exhibits and to celebrate Global James Bond Day! Friends of Bespoke JB who showed up without a pocket square were 'squared' away.

Bond Buddies

George didn't seem to mind that I gave away all the pocket squares.

Global James Bond Day with George Lazenby & Friends


To all of those that recently placed an order from THE BOND EXPERIENCE's vlog on pocket squares, we are overwhelmed with orders. We are working to get orders out within the next few weeks. If you haven't seen the vlog, please check it out. Special thanks to THE BOND EXPERIENCE for showcasing pocket squares and us!

CORRECTION: I would be remiss if I did not mentioned that I was wrong about one element related to how James Bond wore his pocket squares. In the VLOG, I mentioned that James Bond never wore a 'puffy' pocket square. Matt Spaiser of THE SUITS OF JAMES BOND corrected me and caused me to do further research on this. Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and even Daniel Craig wore a 'puffy' version of the pocket square. :)





I'll add that I've noticed that Daniel Craig wears the 'puffy' version more when he's not 007 and in other promotional shots as James Bond. Regardless, the Bespoke JB pocket square works well for either the puffy or square versions!


Bespoke JB is working on some new items, some British bespoke and some James Bond related with collaboration of another BOND community member, so please stay tuned.

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