Got this in the bag

While taking a break from making COVID-19 cloth face masks for our healthcare heroes, I put this together using some nice high-end fabric remnants --- Super 150’s Wool. A custom-made shoe bag for my Crockett and Jones shoes! It's one bag that has a divider to protect each of the shoes from getting scuffed. Got the idea from the one C&J bag designed for holding a pair of shoes together and found it to be rather snug in getting the shoes in and out of, so I used the measuremen

Who Loves Ya, Baby?

ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE (OHMSS) This film celebrated its 50th birthday this year and recently aired on TMC. I believe it’s gotten greater appreciation with time and I consider it one of the BEST BOND films in the franchise. The story simply put, James Bond tracks his arch-nemesis and SPECTRE chief Ernst Blofeld to a mountaintop retreat where he's training an army of beautiful but lethal women. Along the way, Bond falls for the handful Italian contessa Tracy Draco --